Nut kulfi (badamkulfi)



  1. Spondon oil 2 tbsp
  2. Milk 1 kg
  3. Condensed milk ½ cup
  4. Cream ¼ cup
  5. Nuts (china badam) 5 tbsp
  6. Egg 2 pieces
  7. Sugar 12 cup
  8. Rose water 1 tbsp
  9. Green food color 3 drop


  1. Cook and fry the nuts in oil.
  2. Make powder of the fried nuts.
  3. Put 2 tbsp oil in a sauce pan and put cream, condensed milk in it with the nut powder.
  4. Boil these for a while.
  5. Now mix this mixture with milk and sun of egg (dim erkusum).
  6. Mix rose water and color and boil in low heat.
  7. Now set off the mixture out of stove and put into refrigerator.
  8. When cooled, then bit the white part of egg very hard and mix with the ice cream.
  9. Now pour the mixture into kulfi frames and put into freezer for 12 hours.
  10. After that it is ready to serve.