Board of Director

Mr. Syed Monwarul Islam

Mr. Syed Monwarul Islam, the Chairman of the Company is an experienced and well-established businessman having practical business experience of 11 years. He started his business in the area of agriculture. He is sponsor and proprietor of a poultry and fish farm running successfully for last 8 years. He is a man of commitment and strong personality with possesses leadership quality. He is capable to lead any business concern toward success challenging the situation. He is involved with many socio-cultural activities. He traveled many countries for business purpose.

Mr. Syed Hasibul Gani Galib
Managing Director

Mr. Syed Hasibul Gani Galib is acting as Managing Director of the Company. Mr. Galib obtained bachelor degree from University of Dhaka. In his business life, he walked different field of business like importing and marketing of electrical products, agro-based industry, garment industry etc. He is the Managing Director of Voice Enterprise Ltd., Haolibest Energy Ltd. & Nagla Fisheries Ltd. and Chairman of Emerald Dresses Ltd.  Beside of his business experiences he is also a veteran social voluntary worker and related with several social organizations. Mr. Galib is financially sound and a man of strong personality and devoted to his commitment.


Mr. A.S.M. Monirul Islam

Mr. A.S.M. Monirul Islam son of Mr. A.Q.M. Sirajul Islam was born in a very respectable Muslim Family in 1959. Mr. Islam obtained Masters Degree in Philosophy from University of Dhaka. He is also Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Then he started his career in Banking and held senior positions. Mr. Islam is involved with many social and cultural organizations. He is the senior member of Lion Bangladesh.  


Mr. Sajan Kumar Basak

Mr. Sajan Kumar Basak son of Mr. Nirod Chandra Basak was born in a respectable Hindu Family of Kishoreganj in 1969. Mr. Basak obtained Masters Degree in Accounting and MBA in Finance. After completion of his education, he started his career in Merchant Bank as Financial Analyst. He also served many listed companies and held senior positions. He is also the Director of Haolibest Energy Ltd., Seven Plus Development Ltd. and Infinity Data & Power Ltd. Mr. Basak has also associated himself with many social organizations.


Mr. Amitabha Bhowmik

Mr. Amitabha Bhowmik has completed his in accounting from University of Dhaka and MBA major in Finance. He also serves as Director of Seven Plus Development Ltd. and Hover Construction Ltd.